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Magazine - blog d'information sur la santé naturelle et sur toutes les techniques de bien être. naturopathie, alimentation saine, iridologie, bol d'air jacquier... Approche de la santé fondée sur le respect des lois naturelles qui s'appuie sur une alimentation saine de l'individu. Art de promouvoir la santé et de prévenir la maladie en éliminant ses causes par l'utilisation individualisée de techniques naturelles

SantéOnat, santé naturelle et bien être

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Why Mineral Makeup Reviews are Important
More and more these days, people are concerned about the ingredients in the food they eat, what they drink, and the makeup they put on their skin. In one sense it’s because people don’t like the fact that makeup is tested on animals. But there’s also just the fact that many make-ups are full of

How long should you exercise for everyday
Do you exercise on a daily basis? Do you minimum walk around your home when thinking about your good health? Exercise is a necessary activity that most of us must do every day. Even individuals who can not sit, stand, or even walk require to workout their muscles. Why is exercise essential? Well, for one

Basics of treating neuropathy and how to cope with it
One of the worst effects of living with peripheral neuropathy and diabetic neuropathy is the toll it takes on your life. Living with the pain of neuropathy can be devastating. Pain in your hands, feet, legs, and arms can keep you from living an active and healthy life. So what can you do to strike

How a sit-up bench can help
Physical fitness is one of those primal objectives many of us go for in life. A healthy body means a fit body, and vice-versa. Regardless of having a routine or not, working out is pretty much essential towards achieving this goal. The reasons we have for picking up an exercise habit are just as varied

Why Should You Get a Step Counter?
A step counter is a device used to measure, track and record the number of steps you make within specific time duration such as a day. Just as any other tracking machine, a step counter, when positioned in the right way, it accurately records steps that your hips make whenever they move up and down.

Teeth Whitening: Are You Doing It?
Turn on the television, open your Instagram application, or even just talk to your friends- the topic of teeth whitening is becoming ever more ubiquitous in today’s world. With the sudden influx of teeth whitening gels, torches (yes, torches.), and special toothpaste, a layman like myself must be left wondering if these products are even

Why you need to visit a podiatrist
A podiatrist is the health care expert who specializes in the training of taking care of the feet. Podiatrists are professional doctors who complete their medical training in treating the diseases and problems of feet. If you have any ailments in your feet, then you must consult a helpful and experienced podiatrist. Almost every person

Choosing the Right Water Heater
Most households to not put much importance on the water heater that they are using except when they are constructing a new house or have caught the love your environment bug and in the process of making their abode more energy efficient. It is a good bet to assume that most people do not put

How long will it take to detox from a drug addiction
Once someone suffering from a drug addiction or alcoholism has made the commitment to get help, detox is the first significant step in the recovery process. However, the exact process of detox can be difficult to describe because it is different for everyone. The severity of the symptoms associated with detox and Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

Tips on buying from online pharmacies
The most important thing when you go to a pharmacy is not to give personal information on a website of any kind which is not secure; look to make sure the little lock symbol is in the bottom right corner of your screen when you are asked to fill in a payment details form. If

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