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A Look At Super Bowl Movie Commercials
When you think Super Bowl you think BIG. Big commercials, big teams, big fans, big half-time show performances, and especially, big movie trailers. The super bowl is where the big players come to showcase all the best they got. For some Americans, the Super Bowl is the most exciting day of the year. It’s when […]

The James Bond Movie Franchise Laid Out
It’s been 50 years, and James Bond is more popular than ever. Both new fans and old fans collide in movie cinemas everywhere when a new bond film releases. Truly, the hero debonair is worth all the hype. The explosions get bigger each year, and the stunts only get bolder. Let’s take a closer look […]

A Closer Look at the Movie Industry
There is more to the movie industry than the actor, the director, and the writer. There are myriads of more jobs behind a single movie. Even a short clip takes dozens of people. Let’s take a closer look at these creative job names behind the screen. There is the boom operator, the greensman, the best […]

The Importance of the Movie Studio Summarized
This infographic asks a question not so often asked, “Do movie studious matter?” Movie studios start a new social profile to promote each movie, which they abandon when the film is released. It asks follow up questions: “Why can’t the studio itself promote each film successfully?” and “Do moviegoers (especially social media users)...

Social Media and Movies
We’ve all watched a movie just because our friend recommended it to us, or we’ve seen someone post about how awesome it was on social media. Yes, human beings rely on each other’s opinions, that’s why we act on certain decisions. Today we talk about the infographic below: how peer influence and social media are […]

The Summer Movie Season of 2013 Reviewed
Below is an infographic recapping the summer movie season in 2013. The total box office by category was 23% by comic book inspired movies. 19.8% by animation movies. 48.6% by sequel movies. 6.1% from rated G movies. 14.9% from rated PG movies. And 58.2% from rated PG-13 movies. And lastly, 20.4% from rated R movies. […]

A Review Of the Film Industry Performance in 2012
2012 was certainly another year that didn’t disappoint when it comes to making movies. Films such as Marvel’s The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hunger Games, Skyfall, Twilight Breaking Dawn, The Amazing Spiderman, The Hobbit Part 1, Brave, Ted, and Madagascar 3 took center stage. These blockbusters shook the movie industry and gained...

Movies and Computing Power Explained
When we watch a movie, and the scenes get intense, we don’t really think how much time did it take to create that scene, we just get so focused on the scene that we enjoy the heat of the moment. Well, the infographic below sheds some light on how much effort it actually took to […]

Facts About the Movie Business
Les-bandes-annonces delves in the world of show business. And what’s show business without movies and TV shows? Let’s take a closer look at the entertainment industry, and how the cash flows in the red carpet. An average cost of ticket at an American Theater is about $7.96. 32% of North American ticket sales are sold […]

Superhero Movies: Then and Now
It seems like every year, a new batch of superhero movies comes out, and people can’t seem to get off the hype. It’s been years since the comics came out, but only recently that superhero movies have become popular. Let’s take a closer look at the evolution of the superhero movie. It all began in […]

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